LwM2M Binary Application Data Container

V1.0 Functionality

Version 1.0 of the specification covers:

  1. LwM2M Client reports application data to LwM2M Server.
  2. LwM2M Server sends application data to LwM2M Client.
Please note that this object should ONLY be used in those circumstances where the use of an existing or proprietary LwM2M object is unacceptable.

(JCT: why? Is this still valid? Is this appliable for all LwM2M versions?)

V1.0 Documents

LwM2M Connectivity Management

Version / DateStatus

The latest versions the Connectivity Management Objects:

    • [LWM2M_WLAN_Connectivity] or [12]
      [LWM2M_Cellular_Connectivity] or [10]
      [LWM2M_Bearer_Selection] or [13]
      [LWM2M_APN_Connection_Profile] or [11]
  • are now published in the OMNA LwM2M-Registry in HTML or GiHub

    LwM2M Device Capabilities Management

    Release Version Overview

    The present Reference Release enables remote device capability management in M2M devices.

    Version 1.0.4 Functionality

    V1.0.X of the specification covers:

    1. Device Capability Enablement
    2. Device Capability Disablement
    3. Device attachment of removable hardware
    4. Device detachment of removable hardware
    5. Conditional notification when Device Capability State is modified

    List of the latest Approved Documents in LWM2M_DevCapMgmt

    Doc Ref Permanent Document Reference Description
    [DEVCAPMGMT_RRELD] OMA-RRELD-LWM2M_DevCapMgmt-V1_0_4-20201208-A Reference Release Definition for LWM2M_DevCapMgmt
    [DEVCAPMGMT_TS] OMA-TS-LWM2M_DevCapMgmt-V1_0_4-20201208-A Technical Specification for LWM2M_DevCapMgmt
    [LWM2M_DevCapMgmt_XML] OMA-SUP-XML_15-V2_0-20201208-A XML document for LightweightM2M Device Capability Management Object
    OMNA LwM2M Registry:
    File: 15.xml
    Path: https://github.com/OpenMobileAlliance/lwm2m-registry

    List of Approved versions of Device Capabilities Management Objects:

    Version / DateStatus

    Click here to see all the publications Candidate/Approved

    LwM2M Event Log

    LwM2M Gateway

    LwM2M Lock & Wipe

    LwM2M Portfolio Object

    LwM2M Software Management

    LwM2M Virtual Observation

    • See published Technical Documents for LwM2M_VON
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